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A car battery is a storage device for electricity that is necessary to start the engine and to support various car functions. If this device is not working properly, you may have difficulties starting the engine. Another issue that you may face is that the battery will not charge when driving. Some minor problems require battery replacement as well.

How to buy the right battery for your truck or jeep

The moment the car battery dies, the vehicle is no longer “alive”. To avoid those cases, you need to replace the battery when the first signs of malfunctioning appear. There are five main criteria that you need to follow to buy the right battery. They are the following:

  1. Battery size.
  2. Manufacturer.
  3. Reserve capacity.
  4. Cold-cranking amps.
  5. Age.

The battery is located under the hood in a special nest, which has its own dimensions depending on the car model. This means you can’t fit any battery there. It is crucial to check the dimensions of the nest before ordering such a device.

The best way to find out which battery group size you need is to look through the vehicle’s manual. Each group size is indicated in letters and numbers. Some trucks and jeeps allow installing batteries from several groups. It is important to know that placing an incorrect battery may cause damage to the car. Moreover, you will waste money as you will have to buy an appropriate device after all.

Battery manufacturer

A variety of battery brands are provided by a few manufacturers. In some cases, the name of the manufacturer is given to the name of the brand. In other cases, they are not the same. When replacing a battery, you can look through the manual, which brand is suitable for your truck. If this battery type is too expensive, you can save money by purchasing a cheaper device. However, be sure you find an appropriate brand with the same specifications.

It is also worth mentioning that the cheapest battery brands are not recommended to buy. Their duration is short and performance may be weak. Even if you cut costs now, you will have to replace them more frequently, which may lead to higher expenses in the future.

Reserve capacity

This is a very important parameter showing the time the battery can supply the vehicle with electric power when the alternator is out of order. Having an excellent reserve capacity (RC), the battery will allow you to reach the destination point even when the alternator is broken.

When choosing a battery, you shouldn’t pick a device with the highest RC ratings. It is recommended to look through the manual to check the appropriate RC for your truck. This parameter is listed in minutes. If you can’t find it in your manual you can always address this question to our support team when choosing a battery.

CCA (Cold-cranking amp)

This parameter shows the battery’s ability to launch the engine in cold weather. If you are living in a cold climate, it is better to choose a battery with a higher CCA. If you are living in a warm climate throughout the year, you don’t need to pay much attention to this parameter.


This is another important parameter when choosing a battery. Newer devices generally perform better and work longer than older ones. The manufacturing date is indicated on the battery’s body. A battery can be considered as a fresh one if it is less than six months old. We are providing customers with fresh batteries only.

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