Top 10 Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

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Buying a pickup truck is a reasonable solution for all those who plan to transport something that can’t be put into the car trunk. Those pickup trucks have additional cargo areas where you can load everything from furniture to the fridge. Pickup trucks are especially useful when it comes to those who do farming. 

All pickup trucks are sold with an uncovered bed. Many owners do not think about installing one before they face some problems. Here are the most important reasons for mounting a tonneau cover:

  1. Appearance. Tonneau cover makes any pickup truck looking even better, more complete, and secure. 
  2. Higher level of protection. A tonneau cover protects the bed from the UV rays, which are harmful to the paint. Even if the bed is covered with plastic, it may also change color due to the UV rays over time. Weather conditions can be also harmful to the bed’s floor and walls. Stone, rain, dust, and others may be the reasons for the corrosion to appear. Finally, the bed cover protects your car from theft. 
  3. Aerodynamics. When airflow goes down to the bed it hits the tailgate. When the bed has a cover, the airflow goes along it without any resistance. This helps you to save a bit more money on fuel. 

Those are the key advantages of having a truck bed cover. Now it is time to look through some tonneau cover models to choose the most appropriate one.


This tonneau cover was designed for two models – Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2019) and General Motors Sierra 1500 (2019). The cover offers the highest level of security as it includes durable aluminum panels that latch automatically even if the cover is not fully closed. With the tailgate closed, this cover makes your bed an “impregnable fortress”. 

This cover has a special anti-scratch coating, which protects it against UV rays as well. The cover allows you to easily access the bed of your truck. There is also a special tailgate seal that allows you to deal with the bed with an open or closed tailgate.

As for the installation process, it can be easily done. The item weighs below 400 lbs. The manufacturer offers a five years warranty. 

100% bed access.We haven’t found significant disadvantages of this cover. 
The highest level of security and protection.
This cover latches automatically even if it is not fully closed.
You can easily operate it.


Unlike the previous model, this is a soft truck bed cover that rolls up allowing you to get 100% access to your cargo. This bed cover was designed to give full protection to the tonneau from precipitation including rain and snow. It is made from vinyl, which is considered to be the best choice for such type of bed covers for its long-lasting durability. 

Access 36039 Literider Roll-up Tonneau Cover can be combined with other truck bed accessories. It includes an easy-closing hook-and-loop system. This makes the whole construction look even more protected from both human intrusion and water or mud. While it is a soft tonneau cover, it is durable enough and is a good solution for the price you can buy it. This model was designed for  Honda Ridgeline 5 ft. (2017-2019).

100% access to the cargoYou can’t place anything on the top of your tonneau as this cover is soft
Simple roll-up system
Easy locking with no additional efforts.
High level of protection.
2-year Limited Warranty.
The cover is easy to install.

Access 92319 Vanish Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

This tonneau cover is equipped with a special seal system on the sides. It includes a trigger latch release to provide you with an even higher level of protection. A special XT-Dial tension system keeps the cover tight in every situation. It prevents water and snow from coming inside the truck bed.

Access 92319 Vanish Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is made from vinyl, which is UV-rays resistant and keeps all its features when used in lower temperatures (up to -40F). The cover material will not stretch during the heat. Special Tight Bite clamps make it even easier to install the whole system in minutes. This cover is suitable for two truck models – Chevrolet Silverado (2014-2018) and GMC Sierra (2014-2018).

Lightweight construction.You can’t place anything oin the top of it.
100% protection from water, mud, and UV rays.
Durable cover material.
Special sealing system.
XT-Dial solution.

TruXedo 1485901 Pro X15 Tonneau Cover

This manufacturer provides truck owners with an easy-to-install item. It is to mention that no drilling is required. That allows you to get 100% access to the truck bed’s space. A special roll-up system gives you an opportunity to easily load and unload any cargo. 

TruXedo 1485901 Pro X15 is equipped with a special patented tension control system, which is a good solution to maintain a tight fit of the cover. You don’t need to think about the weather conditions. The cover will not change its appearance. The material is UV rays resistant and will not change its features in extreme temperatures.

Due to a special latch system, you can use one finger to open the cover and to close your truck bed again. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. The cover was designed for RAM (2019) new body style only trucks

Easy installation process.No significant disadvantages were found.
No drilling is required.
Super simple latch system.
Resistant to weather conditions and UV rays.
High level of protection from water and mud.

TruXedo 1479101 Pro X15 

This model was designed for Ford 250 and Ford 350 (2017-2019). It includes a special sealing system that provides water and mud to come inside the tonneau. The cover can be easily installed with no drilling. The closing system allows you to operate the cover with one finger only. The whole system can be easily removed with no tools. 

The item looks stylish due to its matte black fabric color. It is made from vinyl, which is durable and UV rays resistant. A special tension control system prevents the cover from losing its tight fit even if it is covered with snow. However, it is not recommended to put any item on the top of the cover.

Full access to the cargo.No significant disadvantages were found.
Easy loading and unloading.
You don’t need drilling to install the cover.
Durable and UV rays resistant material.
The special tension control system maintains a tight fit.
No tools required to remove the cover

TruXedo 1447901 Pro X15

Another version of Truxedo’s cover was designed for RAM 1500 (2012-2018), RAM 1500 (2019), RAM 2500, and 3500 (2012-2019). It is equipped with a special mounting system, which allows faster installation with no drilling. The system can be easily removed. You don’t need any tools to do it.

TruXedo 1447901 Pro X15 is famous for its anti-mud and anti-water characteristics. The surface of the cover stays clean for longer. The automatic tension control system maintains a tight fit of the cover even if there is a snow layer on the top. Operating a bed cover was never so easy. You can close the cover and open it using a single finger. It includes a special seal that locks the whole system without any chance for the thieves to get inside. This system protects the tonneau of the truck from water and mud. The material is resistant to UV rays.

Durable cover materialThere were no significant disadvantages found.
High level of protection against water and mud.
UV rays resistant material.
Lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer.
Special sealing system to prevent thieves from stealing your cargo.

Extang 92445 Trifecta 2.0 

This tonneau cover was designed for two vehicles – Chevy Silverado 1500 (2014-2018) and GMC Sierra 1500 (2014-2018). The cover includes a clamping system, which allows you to install the whole system within minutes without any additional efforts or skills. You don’t even need to change your bed caps. 

The cover is equipped with a special lock system, which makes it even easier to operate the whole construction. It allows you to lock the cover within seconds without significant effort. This item is made of a durable material with an integrated corner tuck system. The strength of the whole construction is provided due to the new frame. 

Reliable construction.No significant disadvantages were found
Three sections to provide separate access to various parts of the bed. Once unfolded, you can get 100% access to the whole space of the truck bed.
Durable leather structured material.
High level of protection from water and mud. 
Special lock system that makes it easier to operate this cover.

Extang 14720 Tuff Tonno

This is one of the cheapest models that was designed for Ford 250 and 350 (1999-2016) and Chevy Silverado. The construction includes bows with two height positions allowing you to use this tarp cover in various weather conditions and to perform various tasks.

If you need to get full access to your tonneau, you can easily roll up the tarp. To keep it twisted, you can use special fastener straps if you want to transport high cargo. The tarp closes leaving not a single opportunity for the water to come inside. The lock system prevents your cargo from being stolen. A good-looking leather structured surface makes this cover one of the best choices for a medium price.

Durable material.You can’t place any cargo on the top of the tarp
Special locking system protecting the truck bed from the water and mud.
UV rays resistant tarp.
100% access to the cargo.
Good-looking appearance.
Two bow height positions for various situations.
Medium price.

Extang 2940 BlackMax Snap

This model includes bows and a vinyl tarp, with a leather-like surface. All metallic parts are painted in black making the whole construction look good even when the tarp is open. There are snaps along the rails, allowing you to easily open and close the cover to facilitate the loading procedure. The cover is stylish while providing the highest level of protection against rain, snow, mud, thieves.

This type of cover was designed for various generations of Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. The whole construction is durable as it includes monster bows that do not move when driving.

Great design and appearance.You can’t place anything on the top of the tarp.
Monster bows to keep the construction in place when driving.
Durable black leather-structured vinyl tarp.
Protects the truck’s bed and cargo from water and mud.
The special snap system provides reliable closing of the cover.

Extang 92457 Trifecta 2.0

This system was designed to be installed within seconds on your truck. This is due to the special clamping that you can attach to the vehicle’s bed without any additional tools or drilling. This cover does not require any effort to operate. It can be automatically locked for higher security.

This tri-fold truck bed cover has a low profile appearance with smoother lines and expressive contours. The system offers a durable tarp with a leather grained surface. With this in mind, this type of frame construction improves the tightness of the whole cover. Exclusive snaps provide a higher level of protection. This model was designed for Chevy Silverado (2019) and GMC Sierra (2019).

Higher level of protection.No significant disadvantages were found.
100% access to the cargo.
Good-looking appearance.
Exclusive locking system.
Leather-grained tarp surface.
Tri-fold system.

How to choose the best truck bed cover to satisfy all your needs

There are several aspects that you need to focus on to choose the most suitable tonneau сover for your vehicle. We are going to provide you with some important criteria that you can use to make the best choice.

The truck bed cover should be compatible with your vehicle brand and model

When choosing a tonneau cover, you should pay attention to the fitment. All items of this type are designed for various brands and models. If you miss this parameter when choosing a bed cover you will be unable to fit the cover to your truck if it is not compatible with the model. 

Those who buy bed cover via our online store do not have to look for compatibility somewhere outside our platform. We offer fitment information for each item below the description section. This is one of the advantages of buying bed covers via Autoshopping24. You don’t need to know the exact size of the bed. When you buy a tonneau cover that is compatible with Chevrolet Silverado, for example, you can be 100% sure this item will fit your bed size.

Think about the purpose of buying a tonneau cover

When thinking about purchasing a tonneau cover the purpose is the key. If you need it to protect the cargo and the bed’s floor from rain, snow, dust, or UV rays, you can buy cheaper soft vinyl items. Those covers have a good-looking appearance (most of them have a leather-grained surface). Those tonneau covers will also improve the aerodynamic parameters of your truck to save a bit more gas. Do not forget that the locking mechanism should be reliable enough to protect the inner part of the bed from water and mud.

However, if you are looking for more cargo protection, it is better to look for hard tonneau covers made from more durable materials. 

Truck bed covers are made from different materials

Most truck bed cover manufacturers use three types of materials – vinyl, aluminum, and plastic. The first one is among the most popular as it offers a high level of protection against water and mud (when combined with a reliable latching system). Those tonneau covers have a lightweight construction and are easy to operate (you can close and open them with one finger only).

Vinyl covers have another great advantage. They offer a good-looking appearance. Most manufacturers make them look like leather tarp. 

Plastic and fiberglass items are tough and have a higher level of protection when it comes to thieves. Those tonneau covers can’t be easily installed. You will need additional tools and drilling in most cases. Moreover, such truck bed covers lose their exterior attractiveness faster than others.

Think about the climate

Vinyl soft covers can be used everywhere as they are not “afraid” of snow, cold, rain, or warm weather. The vinyl tarp is UV rays resistant. Unlike soft covers, aluminum ones are not recommended for those types of climates with a high volume of rains and other precipitation.


Soft roll-up covers are always easy to install. You can even mount them on your own as you don’t need special tools to use. No drilling is required. 

If you choose hard tonneau covers, you will face more problems when installing them. Tough items need a couple of persons just to lift them and put them on the top of the bed. Those covers need drilling and additional tools to be properly installed. 

What about the price?

Most soft tonneau covers are affordable as you can buy them for $200-$400. You can focus on the brand and the features that a particular model offers. Hard tonneau covers cost more. If you don’t want to build a “fortress” in your truck bed, you can buy a soft one and save money.

How to maintain the appearance of the cover

Depending on the material and the type of cover you choose, you will need to spend some time on cleaning it. Vinyl tarps are more advantageous as they are less exigent. Unlike those covers, aluminum ones need more care as they can be damaged when cleaning. They need gentle handling.